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Everyone loves to win and now is your chance to do some winning! With our giveaway of over $500 dollars in product who wouldn’t want to win? Needle Supply’s Instagram giveaway is open to any professional tattoo artist who have properly entered.

Entering the giveaway is simple and easy to enter. Here’s how:

Must be following @NeedleSupply on Instagram

Like and Repost the giveaway picture

Make sure to include (@Needlesupply, #Needlesupply and #NSCGiveaway) in your repost

See, it is just that simple. The giveaway will include the best tattoo supplies available. Offering over $500 dollars in product may seem crazy, but here at Needle Supply we want to thank our loyal and new customers alike by providing them everything they need to be successful and produce the best work. Through careful thought and consideration the supplies chosen are:

Choice of 100 Needles

Choice of 100 Force Disposable Tubes

Jonesy Tattoo Machine (Choice of Black/Grey Shader, Liner, or Color Packer)

Amp Tattoo Power Supply

Black Silicone Clip Cord with Spring

Twitch II Foot Switch

Pint of Green Soap

16 Ounce Squeeze Bottle

16 Ounce Wash Bottle Bags (100 Pack)

Clip Cord Covers 31” (200 Pack)

White Medical Bibs (100 Pack)

10mm Non Spill ink Caps (100 Pack)

15mm Non Spill ink Caps (100 Pack)

18mm Non Spill ink Caps (100 Pack)

Sharps Container Locking Wall Mount

1 Gallon Sharps Container

8 Ounce Cavicide Spray Bottle

2 Ply Large Kimwipes (90 Pack)

Night Angel Nitrile Glove (Choice of Size XS,S,M,L,XL)

Black Rubber Half Grommets with Lip (100 Pack)

#12 Black Rubber Bands (350 Pack)

Mini Xl Non-Sterile Surgical Markers (2 Pack)

Black Blaster Pen Holder (5 Refills)

1 Ounce Tattoo Aftercare Redemption

5 Ounce Of Bactine Antiseptic Spray

Spirit Master Transfer Paper 8.5x11 (25 Pack)

Sullen Adjustable Case

Zap Pads (100 Pack)

Facemasks (50 Pack)

A&D (50 Pack)

1 Ounce Rinse Cups (100 pack)

4 Ounce Stencil Stuff

Professional artists interested in entering the giveaway please visit and follow the rules above for a proper entry. Winners will be announced and chosen when Needle Supply reaches 400 followers via Instagram. This means the more people to repost the faster you could win. With that being said, tell your friends and family to follow Needle Supply.

Good Luck!