Tattoo Supplies

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Needle Supply Company
We have been providing quality tattoo supplies to the Phoenix Arizona Metro area and surrounding cities including: Phoenix, Glendale, Avondale, Mesa, Tempe, Tuscon and others for over 8 years.

Our History

Years ago, you (or your apprentice) were either making your own tattoo needles or buying poor quality tattoo needles from a supply house for way too much money. High quality tattoo needles were hard to get and very expensive. Our goal was to create some of the best tattoo needles and make them available at a low price. We began making our tattoo needles for a few artists in California and soon the word spread. Within two years after selling our first box of needles we had to launch to meet the demand. After four years of just providing tattoo needles, we gave in to the increasing demand of providing other items to our customers. Today, we're still making our world famous tattoo needles and much more!

Our Mission

We strive to be the very best in everything we do. We understand the importance of the role we play for our customers. We do our very best to provide the highest quality tattoo equipment at the lowest possible prices and to deliver them as quickly as possible.  We are dedicated to the progression of tattooing in every form.

Be creative, innovative and push the limit.