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#10 Bugpin Round Liners (LONG TAPER) #12 Standard Round Liners (MEDIUM TAPER)
#12 Traditional Loose Round Liners (MEDIUM TAPER) #12 Standard Round Shaders (SHORT TAPER)
#10 Bugpin Magnums (LONG TAPER) #12 Standard Magnums (MEDIUM TAPER)
#10 Bugpin Curved Magnums (LONG TAPER) #12 Standard Curved Magnums (MEDIUM TAPER)
Our "World-Famous" Tattoo Needles, HEXTAT tattoo needles are made from 316L stainless steel, joined with lead-free solder, pre-sterilized, on the bar and ready to use. They come blister-packed with the expiration date stamped on each individual needle. These premium grade tattoo needles are sold in convenient boxes of 10 at an affordable price while still maintaining industry leading, precision crafted quality.